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Friday, 26 April 2013

Osho on Homosexuality.

In a dialogue with someone...

Question – Osho, I am Homosexual. What should I do about it?

Osho – Ramo,  It is good that you have confessed it. It is good that you are truthful about it. It is good that you are not hiding it, because whenever you expose yourself in totality, it is the beginning of a transformation. Don’t be worried. One has to go beyond sex one day, whether it is homosexuality or heterosexuality or bisexuality — it does not matter much. Sex is sex, these are only preferences, differences of liking. Don’t feel much guilty about it, and this is not your fault.
Homosexuality has come into existence because of repressive measures, because of repressive moralities, because of thousands of years of separating man and woman into separate camps. In the colleges, in the schools, in the army, in the monasteries — everywhere men and women are kept apart. The natural outcome is going to be homosexualism, lesbianism, because the natural energy will try to find out some outlet.
Homosexuality is a byproduct of your so-called religions. The first homosexual must have been born in a monastery, that is almost certain. We don’t know his name, but a memorial should be made dedicated to the unknown — the first homosexual. He must have been a monk.
It is a well known fact that Christian monasteries, Buddhist monasteries have been full of homosexuality. It was bound to happen because you don’t give them the science of transcending sex, and you simply tell them to repress the energy. Now the energy starts moving into perverted ways.
And don’t take offense at the word perversion. It simply means unnatural, it simply means not as it was prescribed by the biology. The biological route is heterosexual. If you prevent it… It is like a small stream is flowing: you put a rock in its way, it will start flowing from some other side, it will go by passing the rock, it will become two streams instead of one. You can go on preventing it and it will go on splitting into many streams. It will find out some way. It has a source of water that has to be taken to the ocean.
Don’t be worried about it, because worrying won’t help. Accept it. Just as repression has created it, a deep acceptance can dissolve it. Accept it. You are a victim of a thousands of years conditioning.
Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another, “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
People go on hiding it, but sooner or later you have to find out somebody, and there are ways how homosexuals indicate. They walk differently — they may not say, but they walk differently. They look differently, they talk differently, their gestures are different, and other homosexuals immediately understand the language.
And it is not a small minority, remember. Ten percent people all over the world are homosexuals. Out of ten, one person is a homosexual; it is a big number. And this is increasing every day, because the women’s liberation movement is creating lesbianism. “Why depend on men, even for love? Sisterhood is beautiful. Love your sisters.” The natural outcome will be that many brothers will be left alone.
The new bride, frustrated by her groom’s indifference, could not contain herself anymore. “Listen,” she said, “if you are gonna keep on reading these newspapers, I am going downtown to get myself a man.”
“Far out!” he said. “Would you get me one too?”
A homo and a hetero went into the desert.
“Ah,” said the horny hetero, “even if there was a fly here, I could screw it.”
“Z-z-z-z,” replied the homo.
In a bar two homosexuals are drinking their martinis with chips and olives. Suddenly one of them pricks his lip with the toothpick. At the sight of the blood he exclaims, “Ah, my, I have got my period.”
A little bit perverted, but so what. Nothing to be worried, Ramo. Accept it.
My fundamental principle is acceptance — tathata. Whatsoever is the situation, you accept it. From there things can begin. Don’t reject it. It is out of rejection that the problem has arisen, so only with acceptance… Relax into it and you will be surprised. If you can accept it without any guilt, slowly slowly your homosexuality will turn into heterosexuality again. Why? — because guilt is also a religious phenomenon, and homosexuality too. They are joined together, they are tied together. If you go on feeling guilty, you will remain homosexual. Drop the guilt, accept it. Nothing is wrong, just you are carrying the whole ugly past of humanity. What can you do? You have come a little late, people have preceded before. They have dirtied the whole beach. So we have to clean it.
But what is the point of crying and weeping and feeling guilty? There is no need to waste energies in that. Accept it with no guilt at all. And with the disappearance of the guilt you will be surprised: if you are a Christian your Christianity disappears; if you are a Jew your Judaism disappears; if you are a Hindu your Hinduism disappears. This is really a miracle: when the guilt is dropped your religions disappear. And when religions disappear you become a far more natural being. You can start seeing things clearly. In fact, what you are seeking into the other man, you cannot find in him. There will be frustration. What the other man is trying to find in you, he cannot find in you; there will be frustration.
Friendship is possible, but love is not possible, and friendship and love are different dimensions. Friendship has its own beauty. Love needs polar opposites, only then there is attraction, only then there is tension enough. Love needs a subtle dialectics, it is a process of dialectics. The man and woman relationship is a dialectical process full of hazards, adventures, fights. It is a kind of intimate enmity. In the morning the fight, in the evening the love, in the morning again the fight, and it goes on moving from one polarity to the other.
But this is how it keeps itself alive. It is Hegelian dialectics: thesis, antithesis, synthesis, and again synthesis becomes the thesis. Just the other night you had reached to a treaty, a peaceful state, and in the morning it disappears. And you were thinking, “Now, things are going smooth.” But from the same point, in the morning the argument starts, and by the evening the same point leads you to lovemaking.
In fact, unless you fight before, you will not be able to make love really, tremendously. A good fight before making love gives you zest, gusto — just a good fight and you become hot; otherwise, civilized people have become cool. Just a good fight — shouting, throwing things, exchange of pillows, and then relaxing into each other in the warmth of each other. The fight creates the distance. The farther away you are — it is a kind of mini-divorce, then comes a mini-honeymoon.
It can’t happen in a homosexual relationship. That’s why homosexuals are called gay; there is no dialectics, they are always smiling. But their smile seems to be shallow; it cannot be very deep. They are smiling because there is not any possibility of tears, and they understand each other. They are both men or both women, so they understand each other. With understanding there is no fight. A man and woman never understand each other, they cannot. If they understand, immediately all is finished, they both have become Buddhas.



  1. I love you Osho, and I take a few of your jokes so people understand that serious talk must contain humor. Great talk .

  2. Later Osho totaly and strictly rejected homo.

  3. In his book Maturity he says that homosexuals are people who has not yet grown up.

  4. So what? Sorry, but it perfectly fits. I am a homosexual and that's just how I feel. You just have to open your eyes to see. Do any of them seem really mature? I preety much doubt it. None of the ones I know seem to be really grown up.

    1. As a homosexual, do you believe that homosexuality is unnatural? From what you wrote, you definitely agree with him but it seems a bit odd since you are homosexual and he is against this sexuality

    2. He is not against homosexuality. He merely breaks down the fundamentals involved with it.

    3. he was not against homosexuality but surely had very little knowledge about it.

    4. absolutely.. I think it's pretty stupid to think that cause my grandfather was in a "All boys school", I turned out gay is mere stupid. And i think he has very little knowledge about a stable relationships.

  5. I have never come across a gay enlightened person. This would be a contradiction. Homosexuality is ego, not the natural way.

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  7. I found other talks where Osho said a different and oposite point of view.

  8. I'm a gay man. I find some of these comments offensive, as you don't know what your talking about. Neither does Osho, it's easy to presume when you haven't experienced something yourself. If gay men or women come across as immature it's because of the gay culture of staying young, i believe this is because they don't have children and a family as easily as heterosexuals - imagine if your friends never settled down, how would they act?

    I also found it really funny that Osho says that homosexual couples don't have a 'good fight' such as throwing plates. Again he clearly hasn't had a homosexuality relationship! With love.

  9. So sad that a "wise" man should espouse such ignorance. Sexuality is a gift from the eternal spirit and it springs forth naturally as gay, straight, bi or asexual. If parents sat back and just observed their children, they would see that their children already know who they are and what brings them joy and whom they shall fall in love with. Perversion is using knowledge to hurt and to discriminate against people with whom you have very little intimate knowledge. Men of Osho's age and ilk were conditioned to believe such hateful and ignorant ideas about sexuality while pretending to be inclusive and beyond Religion's stupid classifications and moral prognostications. Sad, but Osho was a victim of his time -just like so many others.

    1. The Universe disagrees with you. Children do not process sexual thoughts without influence.

    2. oh yeah? I had all straight friends in my childhood who kept on talking about girls and their body parts all the time when we were entering teenage. I was never interested in their talks because I could never feel the same i was more curious about men's body parts and their sex organs. why wasn't i influenced by straight men?

    3. That's the key.....a WISE man would never say obviously he is a wise man like Trump is a president......all ego. Ego maniacs come in all shapes and sizes under all types of work.

  10. He has a video that says all leaders are lost. He isnt perfect, and as a lesbian i have to say this sounds like some religious hokey pokey. Scientifically homosexuality has been given to us naturally... i know many gay people alike that i would consider as some of the most intelligent, non judgemental and loving people i have ever met. And to me thats the key to enlightenment is unconditional love. It seems other people might be writing for osho, or that he could be partially fake. But again all leaders are lost.

  11. Hmm... did Osho get this wrong? Was he in ignorance of his conditioning? Does being old and male condemn someone to irrelevance and error? If so, what else has he gotten wrong? Where does this new belief that homosexuality is "natural", come from; who is promoting it?

    I see a steady progress by the university educated liberal elite to use their position to advance "reform", that is to say they endeavour to change society according to their own beliefs and desires. The election of Trump was a backlash by those who are sick of being ruled by middle-class professionals.

    The AIDS epidemic in the "West" was predominantly spread by male homosexual activity; if homosexuality is natural, as we are being told today, then why wasn't the Aids epidemic allowed to run its natural course? Instead, the cause was obscured by a campaign of universal "safe sex". Obviously there was something fundamentally unnatural about the behaviour.

    We are being led to believe by the "liberal media" that we are heading for a "golden future", and that path to it is the one which bears to the left. We are being led to believe that Western nations, being of white, Christian and European culture, are "racist", and what the world needs is to break down those nation-states in the West to bring about "diversity" in all things. Could it be that the "Leftist" agenda will lead us to a Utopia of love & peace, or is that agenda just as extreme as its polar opposite in fascism, and just as likely to end in tears?

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    1. Mr Anonymous, did you ever take a "reading & comprehension" text? Did you pass? In no moment whatsoever Osho says homosexuality is natural: all he says is that no one should feel guilty about it. It is totally different. And no one should feel guilty about it for the reasons he lists throughout the text. It is actually a text that goes against what so called liberals or leftists usually say. It goes against even what psychology says, given that psychology does not consider homosexuality a disease; not any longer. And I do agree that no one should feel guilty about it, given that a homosexual is not a criminal or anything like that, but a person prone to same-sex relationships for some reason that science is not yet able to explain properly. You said the AIDS epidemic was mainly spread by male homosexual activity. However, if the problem was homosexuality itself, than it would have been spread by female homosexual activity as well. It was not. So, sorry to say, the problem was not homosexuality itself, but unsafe sex... How hard can it be for people, regardless of their preferences, treat others with respect and give them the same rights? Those who talk so much about love, be them Christians or followers of other religions, have a hard time putting love into practice.

  13. I believed that Osho was a wise man, so i wanted to see his view on homosexuality but after reading this i disagree with his views. At a point even if i believe in his concept of evolution of homosexuality then why homosexuality is found in other animals too? (it is scientifically proven). In nature animals are never kept separated according to the gender. Homosexuality can not be changed with self acceptance. Though self acceptance is really important to live a better life. its really immature and funny to say that homosexuals don't have problems in life in fact homosexuals have more problems than straight men. not all men fit into stereotype. I am a straight acting gay man and many of my friends are straight acting. Saying no to marriage everyday to your orthodox family and society is a task ( Osho you will never understand what we go through). Being gay is not just about having sex with other men its a small part of it. The kind of love you want can be found in a man's love, you feel complete only when your man is around you. its all about emotional connect.I don't think so keeping men and women away from each other had resulted in homosexuality. The only thing it can do is building up a sexual frustration which may result in crimes like rapes and sexual harassment. It has nothing to do with homosexuality. Thank you Osho for your opinion on homosexuality i was thinking to buy a few books of yours.. you saved my money i am not buying any books now :-P

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  15. I have an 11 year relationship with a man. I am absolutely happy and peaceful. Our life is full of humour and adventure. Understanding and acceptance.
    Greetings from Greece..

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